As the name suggests this was a backwards loop of Castle bog :

    In Which

      Mr Hull remains indisposed
      Leona has a big birthday
      Liz has a swim
      We inherit a dog
      COC claims dismount of the day

      A bijou crowd gathered at the glen although in the future this might have to be a clandestine affair if KCA get their way . Pamela , Liz,Leona, New Paul , Cormac and COC.

      Giants pad , Green road , Trails to Ford where we picked up Eamons dog who decided Eamon was running too slow and wanted a bit of decent pace. Then a twist to the tale ..sheep pen and up along the river / fence to the boundary stone . On the way here Liz did a bit of a spectacular dive into a rather deep pool , broke new helmet and was soaked from head to toe. Girls left us here for home and birthday breakfast in the school house. We persevered to Pierces castle and down to leitrim lodge . Home by trails.
      Any easy day without Herr Obenfurher Hull the second .

      Route here ( anticlockwise )