Broken Back Mountain

A shorter spin was planned for today after the recent epic/mepic . There was a goodly turnout of the fair sex with Teresa , Leona , Pamela and Herself at the start ( if not the finish) , Dr Lewis , the not unusually late Mr Scullion, Mr Power , New Paul , PS and Kenny . John( SCO) had been out earlier and was a way to inflict pain on some poor unsuspecting patient. Robbie has sent in a sick note for his bike.

Starting along Burma, to Top burma via fiddlers green , dropping to low burma at the end , wall Sallys to post , across to knockshee and then down to the gully and yes kenny you navigated well( he gets upset if I dont say that) . Up to fallow corner and turned for tunnel losing 3 of the girls here . Up to mast where there were too many clear rounds to mention , but i will mention that Mr Power didn’t get one even on his Evil Machine.
At the mast we realised we had lost one …Kenny. It was clear Mr Hull had “wrecked” his back and failed to get away “Scott” free . He had turned and limped home downhill so we turned also to make sure he wasn’t lying in heap.When it was eventually clear he was ok we headed home by red and black trails to wall.

Cormac’s achilles remains hovering at the door of intensive care but I’m sure his private physio remains on standby.

Route here