Low Vis

A damp day with poor visibilty all round .

Those in attendance Dan , Teresa ( for a very short while, prior to leaving to chase a ball around a field) Herself , New Paul , Robbie , John (SCO) and COC.

Those not in attendance . Pamela who had been apparently been superglued to her bed , Mr Hull ( no acceptable excuse given) , Mr Power who had been camped outside the bike shop all night in anticipation of a day of Wreckoning. Doc Lewis again no excuse.

Headed up Sallys yard at a good old pace , right at post to shoulder , past bath towards Fallow. I had intended to drop to gorge but visibility was too poor and it was only Dan who kept us on the right trail towards Fallow. I did however manage to navigate us exactly to Fallow corner unlike John whose GPS was awry. Up to tunnel and back onto mountain towards mast . Dan and COC claiming clear rounds to mast , various wheelers behind . Dropped down to top of switchbacks and onto red trails , then left to blacl all the way to ulster way and home by red trails .

Good spin given the poorish weather , I hear theres going to be a terrible wreckoning in Tullymore tomorrow , I wonder will there be weeping , wailing and gnashing of teeth also ( only if kenny there) .