Bah Humbug

Great turnout this am at the glen with plenty of tinsel and balls . Even some christmas lights on Teresas bike. Its a long time since we had 17 out , couple of Rossi diehards ,2 Wheelers although the wheel was very noisy!

Fallow , Tunnel, Mast . Here Eamon forgot he was riding a mountain bike and broke into cyclocross mode carrying his bike to the mast , impressive but such hard work!

JOD returned from the 6.1 secret training camp on his new secret weapon which I suspect was filled with Helium , not to mention the Cassette ring bigger than Jupiters rings .

Mast to Knockshee , beautiful descent even if a bit moist .We clain the world record for the most Santas on Knockshee at any one time , I await confirmation from GBR . Back to Sallys Yard and across to post . Down fern gully where Cormac demonstrated a left hand power slide with twist and pike.
Home by wall and Burma .
Great Spin…Merry Christmas to all . Expect a low/ zero turnout xmas eve but back to normal following Sat .