Where Them Girls At?

After last weeks big show of female talent ( in an MTB sense) , where were they today , even Molly didn’t show . Only herself showed up , must try harder girls. Paul had sent in a sick note however the committee decided that it was not acceptable.

Maybe it was just as well as we had our exploring hats on. After climbing the long mile ,crossing to the ford and dropping to the Ulster way we headed for castle bog , stopping only to fail at fixing Rorys puncture . At the top we opted for a new descent to sheep pen along the fence . It was actually 90% rideable and I was impressed at the lack of complaints . Back home via Red Bog and home by ulster way , trails and wall. Quite an old school sort of day , relaxed pace , plenty of technical challenges and lots of mud .

Hopefully get a better turn out next week in preparation for Santa Saturday (17th)