And then there were 5

With kenny off carb loading in Killarney and Tim cycling to Mozambique on the single speed to save the air fare it left only COC , herself , Scullion , Rory , John (SCO) and Ross our new addition . If he doesnt get some suspension on that bike soon he’ll need to see a well known dentist for new teeth .

Some real mountain today , wall , sallys where herself ran out of battery , knockshee , back towards fallow then rather than dropping to fallow corner we trail blazed our way back to mast and down to tunnell , hopped into the trails where we had a few fallers in the rock gardens, (I just dont get those rock gardens AT ALL) and home by giants pad and wall .

Sun shone all day…shadow of the thriller looms however .

Apologies for useless pics , had to use camera .