NTLR…Not The Logical Route

Given the precipitation , the cloud and the wind speed Mr Spock would have suggested that the Logical thing to do was to stay low in the trees ,Or perhaps pull up the quilt tighter like John (SCO) and worry about the excuses later .

However we are nothing if not illogical so we headed for Castle Bog with the vague intention of getting Tievedockdaragh done for Cairn2Cairn . The climb up into the teeth of a head wind and driving rain was interesting , we consoled ourselves with the fact that ” at least its not cold” . The bog itself was boggy but still riding well . When we crossed the fence the view up Tievedockdaragh was …absent and it looked, well miserable so we headed down to the ford , losing a drowned Liz here. Kenny and I headed over the trails in reverse to Fallow , very bold I know but didnt meet a sinner .

Up to Tunnel in the shelter of Fallow then out to the open mountain ..oh bliss! But at least two clear rounds which given the rising Euro were well worth it .

Down the Glen with Kenny stopping only to park his front wheel in a massive sheuch and launching head first to the muck below.

Home by a slippy Badger .