Sunrise 2016…. BAH!

Now at NTSR we are really not that fussy .So when we say sunrise we dont expect A deep orange globe with a foreground of coral sand , palm trees and beach huts. Merely a crack , a smidgeon , a glimmer ,even a suggestion of a sunrise would have left joy in our hearts . The sun , which even as I pen this has still not shown its nose all day . Global warming ?..hmmmm.
We started at 8am with the fabulous ( well i’m writing it so there) five. Herself ,the brother , doc lewis , john (sco) and the COC . Herself was fading fast aked soand turned for home on the switchbacks. Sky and D flew past us at this point heading for their first Cairnuary Cairn .

Quick Photo at the top , no sign of the sun in any form . Dropped to tunnel and home via the red loop , soaked and frozen , just as you would expect.All routes will lead to the cairn for the forseable future!