The Warriors Return

Barry and Rowan , the hard mans hard men returned to country life for gentle spin last Saturday . Barry atop a new Lime Green Orange (sic) with enough travel to get you round Ireland .
Mr Scullion joined us late as usual crying unfitness at all chances but secretly caught eyeing himself in imaginary mirrors . Mr Power had a weekend without an event so joined us also . Mr Hull is still under the weather and his bearings must surely be seized by now. Mr Kinbote has been written into the the annals ( dangerous spelling that) as an extinct species . Perhaps he can be cloned and returned to us in the future ?

Giants Pad , Switchbacks with frustration at lack of clear rounds again .many excuses.
Rowan ” no support team ”
Barry ” head angle on new bike too relaxed ”
Cormac ” wrong suspension settings”
COC ” age 52 among others”
Scullion ” age 21 ”
Herself ” hair spray issues”
Out to Knockshee at a very relaxed pace , back down towards bath and up to Fallow corner with Cormac and I exchanging usueful advice on lines , such as “that was a nasty fall ,I would have gone lower” .

Out to trails and home for a nice relaxed old school house lunch …Saturday as it was meant to be.