Legal Eagle Returns

Low turnout today with Kenny recovering from a night out on the club orange , Mr Power cycling backwards round the ring of Kerry , PS and JOD off with the enemy in Morzine . Alex , COC and Herself started and were joined late ( as is he wont ) by none other than Mr B Scullion after a long abscence caused by head butting a rock . However he was back in great shape and with the SLAUGHTER imminent we felt a few climbs in order. So Burma , Sallys where we were stopped by an irate but pleasant farmer . He reported many incidents of fence damage and even fence cutting which he attributes rightly or wrongly to MTBERS . Surely there is no excuse for damaging property , lift your bike over and find a good place to cross . We must respect the privilige of cycling on the mountain. Onward to the mast dropping to tunnel and trails . Down to second right and up the switchbacks. Alex was nearest to a clean round but they are getting thin on the ground . Up to the cairn for a photo and home . Leaving Alex to a bit of Magic .




Scullion on his own Bypass