Return of the Prodigal Son

At last we were rejoined by the prodigal Mr Kinbote , unfortunately there was no fatted calf to slaughter so Power slaughtered us instead.

Big Loop..second right , shortcut , switch backs ( no clears) , mast , Missing post , post to Knockshee , bath , half way to fallow , sharp right to cross the river at the gully , droping down to the nurses cottage , up a dryish Dans Whites dander and into Fallow , Across trails to yellow water , reverse castle bog and home at last …slaughtered.

Sighting of Big Dave and herself in the area so expect report of massive loops from them .

Alex was unable to stick the pace , driven by his enduro addiction to head for Penti. Pauls’ cruz met its twin today and there was much comparing of bearing notes .

Need a triller loop soon.If you cant see photos below click here