Cairnaholics Anonymous Open Meeting

The route was to be “whatever you like as long as it reaches the cairn” .Cairn fever has well and truly set in . Only CK found grounds for complaint as he doesnt live in Rostrevor so thought it wasnt fair . I suggest he starts “Croubuary” in Febuary . Sky has admitted his addiction and threatened to continue as long as the month ends in “uary” . He will probably have doen another 28 next week anway.

Up the green road to  tunnel cold but pleasant , a nice glimpse of the sea from tunnell exit . The scullion bypass was well and truly closed by snow and no euros were likely to be claimed en route to the mast . Alex undoubtedly put in the best effort certainly worth not only a euro but possibly a swiss franc.

From mast across to the Cairn of course then back to fern gully which was spectacular as we glimpse of mill bay through the mist . A bit slippy at the end unfortunately our videographer did not not survive to film it.

Down through Ballyed with all trails closed due to trees down .

Home by wall . Still no sign Mr Power , surely that shed is built by now?


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