29er…An Inch and a half too far?

A quick look out the window at 8 am and straight back to bed . I hear only Davy and Alex braved the rain . However I had work to do so later ( when the rain had stopped ) we headed for a few loops of SM in aid of Cairnuary.

The “work” was courtesy of JOD a man who collects bikes like I collect grey hairs . He had kindly lent me one of his many fabulous steeds.

A specialized s-works  , epic , carbon, roval , fox,xtr, titanium , argon 2 x10 ,22lb piece of art with wheels ( to quote CK) the size of the rings of saturn .

Now in fairness it wasnt set up for me as the svelte JOD obviously required a little less pressure in his rear shock than a post xmas COC. I am in danger here of starting Mr Power on a rant re the vagaries of sag ,but suffice to say 50% is too much in anyones books. The tyres also had far too much nitrogen in them and were as hard as Mr Powers head .

Up the green road to the trails it did climb nicely , not fast enough to keep up with COC junior however ! On the flat trails it rolled extra well flattening all before me . But in the words of Mr Huge Suffering ” cycle on the road instead” .In the shake of a cheque book we were at the cairn . On the descent I was a bit nervous and felt I was aboard a penny farthing , twisty corners it does not do well .

About turn and straight back up the road , right at the bridge up the steep hill to the stone , defintely a monster climber , I look forward to a bash at the switchbacks ( Mr P) . But at this point my lotto winnings will still go on a Turner Flux 27.5 .

Met a few Cairnuary activists on our way , Dierdre and Sky getting a second climb in . Gerry was also out and Barry was sighted . I am sure obenfurher McMahon wasnt far behind .