8 , Eight , Huit ,Ba,Tamn,Octo,Otto,Num Opt, Acht,Ochd.

The Eighth Slieve Martin Slaughter is next week ( clue in the title) .


Entries vary from the original magnificent seven , to nearly 40 . Its a Fun ( ish) day out , and I’ll say it again , it’s not a race in fact it can be quite slow and often the speedier testosterone types complain . So if you want to race round the route feel free , but do it some other day .

There is no fee , no forms , no insurance ,no sign on , you are entirely responsible for your own safety. As usual only one rule to join us , you must wear a helmet , you can be stark naked apart from that! .

Start at 9am meeting at forrest office.

Lap 1 Up Sallys , Down Gully .

Lap 2 Up Fiddlers ,Down fern Gully

Lap 3 Up Tunnel , Down Ballynagelty .

Lap 4 Up Switchbacks , Down Glen , back of stone .

This route can and will change as soon as someone else tells me its wrong .