The Green Joddess

Lime Green is the new Black

Less than a week to the Slaughter so the pace was up , Alex was very tyred and so was late but managed to catch us at the stone , where we had arrived via reverse wall , giants pad , second right ,switchbacks and the glen . Not a single clear round on the switchbacks better expected next week. Out to top burma dropping / slipping to the wall and up sallys yard . JOD was a bit tyred at this stage but didnt complain nearly as much as Kenny normally does . Report just in that Mr Power is operating at reduced voltage at present , an excuse for missing the slaughter methinks. Meanwhile his alter ego mr CK is operating at high voltage and spent most of the day as usual about a mile ahead .

Dropped down to a blocked tunnel , into trails and home for some .

Just a thought re next week , anyone who thinks they might need an extra bit of time on the first lap could do worse than leave 15mins early ( 8.45) , and head up sallys as the first lap can be very slow .


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