The Future is Orange

Green Bikes have finally embraced the peace process ,and sold an Orange ( yes ) bike to none other than Paul Stewart . All singing/ dancing carbon, 1×23 , molybedenum , 28.756 wheels  , XTUVWYZ groupset . Connor last seen furtively leaving shop with large briefcase . We still await sight of Mr Powers latest steed which is apparently having its wheels forged from a single billet of rare metal from the centre of the earth ( rathmines) .

As it lashed on us at 9am interest levels were low and we headed up to the stone via fiddlers and view point , on past the summer seat to top of switchbacks where a reasonably unanimous decision not to go over the top was quickly reached . Down the switchbacks and out to second right in an absolute downpour . Up to Fallow loop and down the trails , Here a good number of us called it a day . Kenny I believe insisted on his open mountain fix and plotted a swim to dan whites and back …welcome! 

probably a carlingford epic week after next .Ballyhoura calls .


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