Saturday 29 March 2014 Cold Wet and Grizzly

Todays Route

Joined today by Rory/Ruairi/ Ruaridh , started off dry but soon reduced to drizzle and with strong SE wind . From the glen , first right , over to top Burma , down Badger which some kind person has cleared . Out to Sallys Yard (being careful to close all the gates properly ), up as far as the post then turned left and headed for Ballynagelty which was even windier , Kenny just LOVED it . Joined the trails just above Kodak corner after a slip fest to get there . Back up trails to top of switchbacks , over slieve martin to tunnell and down to trails again and home .

A great spin even if weather piss poor , Mr Power absent with the usual poor medical excuse , Stephen moped all day , no fun at the front on your own. John (SCO) also notable abscence in the run up to Spain , heard he was “sloping” off somewhere .



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