Reverse Castle Bog, More Tantric Navigation

Another Tif4 faults14 faults40 faultsmaking upwait till the solo gets here
400 faultsdo not adjust your set there is a faultthe other tunnel" every dog has a tail" (JOD)only Alex got this farView from wall
Basking in gloryShort respite2 monstersits not often we come this wayJohn (SCO) is super shape for SpainThrow that turner away and get a Santa Cruz
LandingOne of my Favourite ViewsHe just had to prove a pointWhat goes up must come downPowerfulA not Yeti

sat15mar, a set on Flickr.

Nice group today including Pam on her new powder blue steed , very bling . Off up Giants Pad , second right and switchbacks. Only COC and Herr Obenfurher McMahon got the clean round not back considering my age and his Flu!
Its a shame Kenny was away today sitting comfortably in his Recaro seat while his sibling once more treated us to some dubious navigation skills , first missing the turn for post ( after all we’ve only gone there about 1000 times) and then leading the troops back up Sally rather than out to the saddle and depriving us of a good 2 miles .
Back to mast , tunnel , trails to yellow water and reverse castle bog to home . Alex put on a sterling performance on the climb only just missing a clean run to the top of Catle Bog.
Dont forget CCAR 4 next week.
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