Not The Sunday Swim ( Wales Trip)

Molly gets pucture fixing lesson ...TWICENew SteedReady for the offIts SpringNow where did I leave those porsche socks
Better Late Than NeverStyle and PoisePoiseLes( no style or poise )OwenDrew ambitious with dress code for Febuary!
Davy with intact HangerSudden loss of poise style and dignity , much sympathy from onlookersClear skyI'm lost for words and that doesnt happen oftenShorts outside , hood on inside , thermoregulatory failure?Cocktails
Preparation for the feastFeeding time at the zooLook Mrs Suffern , he can do the washing upYou cant nmake a silk purse out of a sows earAlexs birthday surpriseNo puff left

wales2014, a set on Flickr.

Roll Call for Wales , COC , Herself , Mr’s Power and Kinbote , The Navigator , JOD , Alex , the horse and hound , Davy , Molly , Sea , Shane and Owen , withe Drew arriving direct from Sheffield and still managing to be late 🙁

Straight off the ferry to Penmachno , quick loop to allow Drew to arrive back to car park to pick him up and then a full loop of Penmachno , VERY WET especially for poor Hugh who took a dip in a murky pond . JOD also suffered with a last minute over the bars , injuring his knee and requiring vetinarian assistance .

Then off to accomodation which was top class and highly reccomended.
Full dinner for 14 with nibbles starters , choice of mains , dessert and birthday cake .

Saturday was to have been the Beast trail at Coed y brenin but as most of thet was closed we settled for a warm up on the blue minotaur and then a loop of the tarw trail , finishing with a session on the xcellent training trails .

Home early and out for feed , not bad but not as good as fridays grub!

Sunday was to be Snowdon and most were keen , strangely a few of those who had perhaps 😉 overindulged on the Saturday night could not be roused.

The rest of us headed to llanberis , stopping at Pen Y pas to be told we would need crampons ! About turn and back to Bets y coed for a lash at the Marin trail which was really excellent if wet and very muddy .
Just time for lunch and off to the ferry .

We will return to Ty Nant and Snowdon must be conquered!