Santa, Christmas cake , The Grinch …….and a cow .

I thought as I approached the Glen that I had overdone the drink last night . A vision in polka dot welcomed me ,John dressed as that familiar christmas cow we all know and love! BRING BACK RUDOLF >>>
Santas little helper was back , Mrs Claus , Mr Kinbote with a stealth disguise under his saddle , as this is a family web site I’ll leave it at that. Cormac had stolen a childs moose , ripped its head off and stuck that on its helmet . Alex , well he was dressed as Alex nuff said . Kerry not put off by previous encounters with NTSR returned swathed in tinsel and bearing christmas cake , she knows how to infiltrate the group ok.

Quick loop of Badgers claw to warm up , then back up fiddlers where we met the grinch . Unable to control her ( beautiful) dogs and unhappy that we occupied her personal space for 30 seconds . The mountain is a public space and there is room for everyone to do whatever they want as long as respect is given . We have for 20 years (and will continue to) enjoyed all the mountain along with anyone else who wants to do their thing . There is no chance of coralling cyclists onto the trails , fantastic as they are .

Moving on …..from here a full loop of the trails , meeting pete mcconville , one of ntsr’s originals and mtb icon on the way . Needless to say he dissappeared in a puff of dust.

Home for mulled wine , tea , mince pies and presentation of cheque to Didi for her special needs playground. Thanks to all who contributed after the slaughter

Sat 28th as usual I think .

Words fail me ( look under saddle)Mrs Claus happy with short route ( a lie)For gods sake someone call the policeBlack Santa?Looks like a poor effort ( at first)
Kerry on The ClawPoor EffortPastures greenGreen Bikes Mole disguised with tinsel , fooled no one.Anyone see the torso of a moose anywhere?
No stopping me now.Udderly RidiculousIs it a moose , is it a deer ? Oh dear .Moose Hop
new bike gets a washHope they have tumple driers at the north poleThe ChampHoly PamolyOnly Airtime time hes had for a while!

santa, a set on Flickr.