Dunbars Book Of Excuses Is No More

In the same way that Encyclopedia Brittanica bit the dust to be replaced by Wikipedia , Dunbars book of excuses has been usurped by a new on-line book of excuses  AKA the Wright-Jones Interactive Lonely Losers Yearbook  ( W.I.L.L.Y)

In my many years on the planet I have come across some feeble excuses , Tickly cough , Too much tyre pressure , Dislocated a/c joints , assorted back pains and hangovers . But to say that you couldn’t cycle on a saturday incase you would be too tired to go to a christmas dinner that night takes the biscuit , in fact the biscuit tin , in double fact every biscuit in Sainsburys.

So Chapter one of WILLY will be entitled ” Tiredness assorted causes.” I have no doubt we can rely on Alex to fill this and many other chapters with excuses and I am sure we can rely on Kenny to help him , However today was not that day ..apart from a short brotherly altercation over direction not a word of complaint issued from his lips.

Now this was surprising as Mr Kinbote set off up up the hill like a straw man with a fuse up his bottom , at first we thought he was just trying to impress Rowan but even after he left the rampage continued . never less the 500 yards ahead , at least we didnt have to talk to him .

Nice Route now to be known as “Kennys Route” ( sic) . Green road , fallow loop , trails to tunnel exit , reverse bath , cross to Sally yard  dropping down Kennys new bit , back up to post , fern gully and home by wall.


NEXT SATURDAY 9AM Carlingford , car park by tennis courts . Have a good sleep the night before Alex.

Harder than a big rockGo on ..smiledyfed davis was not here ....wahay !
Trails ...PAHKenny heads for a bathfinn mc cool  in his sleeping bagbrilliant light
Fast foodgorillas in the mistI name this Route KennyInto the lightYoga move
Kinbote goes downLiz in full flowJohn still smilingKenny drops out of the mistThats why they call it fern gully

7 Dec 2013, a set on Flickr.