Old Skool

Great spin today and no slouchers. It having been the wettest week for a long time you might think looking for somewhere dry would be the order of the day . No way , head for the wettest place you can find . Castle Bog , to lengthen out the spin , up giants pad , green road , down Connor’s ( or Pauls extreme) to ulster way , up the long mile as far as the black trail and back down to the ulster way again . Out to Batts way , Liz had a flying time over the bars here  , Stephen and Cormac practiced their social skills about a mile off the front ,and Kenny complained nothing new there then  .Back to the trails and down the black run where we met Barry just before his bike collapsed . Home via the wall which we havent done for yonks ,It was Kennys idea and we had reluctantly to agree it was a moderately good one. .

Route Here

Wales trip planning well advanced and anyone not sorted at this stage will need to arrange transport and accomodation

Duffy FlyinBlack on BlackLooking Good.....Maybe not

Real MTBTake me to your leaderTongue position vitalHead over Heels out of the wayDeep in Thought
Ann in trouble for talking about COC's ageAnd the last shall be first ..but not without a bit of trainingA strange yellow thing in the distancePowerfulConcentration
Bionic WomanA tad out of controlOne turkey sandwich too manyPhone Paula for rescue

Flying Brother

Old Skool, a set on Flickr.

Not The Sunrise Run/Swim

No Clear on on switchbacks to start 2014!Doc Lewis first to the top .The Warrior exits the mistHoots MonVery pleasant at the top NOTFalse Dawn !
Oh The fun we had !Not a Kilt in sightJohn Welcomes 2014Yes It was LovelyLiz Braces Herself for Kennys RouteTims Happy on the rigid single speed ..MAD
Quick I cant hold it in any longerGary And John happy at the thought of Kennys Route(!)Still no SunTot of Glenmorangie to keep the cold at bay , shame about the hip flask.

Sunrise?, a set on Flickr.

A brave crew of adventurers today gathered at the Glen . John , John , Liz, Gary,Tim and Henry were the only ones mad/brave /stupid enough to get out of bed in the dark and head for Knockshee . I am cancelling my subscription to windguru who promised a window in the weather till 12 midday . By the time none of us got a clear round on the switchbacks it was apparent that the rain had arrived early . Driving rain , mist and low mist soon had the naysayers and headshakers talk of abandonment ..you know who you are. John (irish) and the COC were having none of it and led on towards the booster . At this point John ( scot) took the lead and i can only hope he knows his way around a mouth better as he took us left through the bog rather than right round the path. Quick regroup at the saddle and a charge for the top . My camera refused to work at the top so the only proof I have is the garmin .
Less than 30 secs on the peak and home james home by sallys yard .