Back In The Big K Again 31/8/13

Words By C Kinbote( hence better speelling and Grammer)

Cracking day for late August. Blue skies, dry ground, grippy! No COC, no First Lady and not a single local on show. Still, a pretty hard-boiled group of cyclists assembled at the Fairy Glen. It looks like the ‘Power’ cut is finally over. Tyrone Paul returned (sporting a lovely new jersey, pity about that Lidl base layer) with fellow Island Wheeler Aidan in tow. Tim, Alex, Kenny and myself (Kinbote) made up the rest. Route: Second Right, Trails to Stile, Mast, Knockshee, Sally’s Yard, Post, Fern Gully, BallyEdmond Wood, Home. Encountered huge amounts of rattling sheep poo on way to Knockshee, Alex actually stopped at one point because he thought his bike was falling to bits. You’d need a machete to get through the ferns in Fern Gully and my shins have been savaged by nettle stings. Incidentally, Alex has now developed a new tactic for crushing his opponents (literally) by simply cycling alongside them and then falling over. We call it the ‘Wright-Jones manoeuvre’