Tuesday 17th December

Doc Lewis arrived tonight with new steed reflecting his riding preferences . A bike with 29inch front wheel and 26 inch rear wheel , christened the 69er with rigid forks and a single gear , a bike for real men we think.

Gary returned after a long absence after a spot of warrior traing which we all agreed he badly needed ( NOT ) and headed up the green road like a scalded cat , leaving all in his wake. Up to Fallow Loop and onto the trails , over to slieve meel and back via yellow water

Remember your santa suit on Saturday .


The 69erDavy Taking no ChancesJohn About To MeltDavy Kinevel passes the speed of light
The WarriorOwenUntitled-2

tues17thdec, a set on Flickr.

Wrong Tyre Choice…a COC up

Folllowing the rear mech failure on Saturday the COC ran into some difficulty straight away.   The wheel fitted to his hard tail replacement ,while spinning nicely in the bike stand ran into some difficulty when subjected to the slight weight of the fine physical specimen  that is the COC. Some tyre wall  deformiity ( probably faulty ) caused the tyre to rub on the chainstays and forced abandonment . But not for long …as the others , PS , Davy ,Owen and John headed to Fallow loop , the COC raced home and grabbing the first wheel he could , unfortunately a 720 C with a cyclocross tyre , lashed after the group to meet at the bridge in Fallow . The wheel in question while speedy on the climbs was interesting on rocky trails and considerable skill was required to avoid a pinch as Davy led at a ferocious pace across to red bog / yellow water.

So why have a 26er , a 650B or even a 29er when you can have a 26/720er .

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Balmy Tuesday in October

BIg crowd tonight and a return of East Coast Ian after a long absence , Martin (the younger) McGinn was hijacked as he tried to go for a nice peaceful cycle by himself and pressganged to join us. Up the giants pad , Fallow corner , over slieve meel , red bog , yellow water and home . An amazingly balmy evening for October , quite a gentle spin with Tim “one gear Lewis” chomping at the bit all night .

Remember not long till the Slaughter!

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Tuesday NIte Spin ..CASTLE BOG ..DRY

Beautiful Night , Ulster way to Castle Bog , race to top always fun , dry as a desert at top , down to Fence with Sean and Eamon practicing somersaults , then John on new giant ( the Kona having near disintegrated) threw himself over bars and on top of poor Sean , send it back I say . Home on ulster way , twill be a long time before we get another night like that.

Tuesday 27th August The 5 p’s

The 5 P’s (  Poor Preparation Promises Poor Performance) of any sport were lacking from a few contenders tonight who sauntered up without lights . The autumn has crept up on us and with a 7 O’Clock start by 8.30 the trails in the trees are just too dark for safety .

Good squad tonight for a rattle up the switchbacks just to warm up McMahon devastated to see an auld boy ahead of him get a clear round , he’s obviously not training hard enough 😉

Pamela flying tonight after her great performance in Carlingford as was BG on his big wheels. PS has obviously holidayed to hard and resorted to pretending JOD was behind him to get a rest, shame on you PS .

From the switchbacks on to the trails and down the black to fallow corner , out to slieve meel where the  lumen challenged riders had to roll down to the ulster way . BGTV and Kenny led the charge over Red Bog .They might be still out there even as I write!

Still no date agreed for the Slaughter ..dictator mode may have to be applied .

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