Where’s Kenny ?

Kenny is unavoidably detained for the next 10 years , just so that we don’t all forget him ,his likeness is in this picture , answers on a post card to NTSR child care services , Banbridge .Oh and by the way ..where’s John (SCO) …emigrated?

We did however manage to struggle on without him , Cormac having taken over as chief trouble maker aided and abetted by Robbie ( half a slaughter )Caraher. Scullion was early , Paul was late and Kevin from the Rossi wished he had missed us altogether.

With the aforementioned slaughter so close there was nothing for it but two cairns , full route here .

Several clean rounds on the Tunnel /mast climb but poor show on the switchbacks .

Our day was brightened by meeting beautiful Al , good job Liz had left at this point . Robbie spent a fair portion of the day falling over on Ballynagelty ,should be good training for France !


How the mighty fall

The weather was fine this morning till Robbie opened his mouth after which of course it lashed . Kenny surprised us with a visit following the recent arrival of James Kenneth this week , he is obviously starting as he means to go on ……we’ll see how that goes. I’m going out to put a bet on that James Kenneth will be a brilliant rally driver , don’t expect great odds though .
Mr Power returned having had Robbies healing hands cure the single muscle fibre thats been holding him back for a month . That link and shameless plug will cost you Robbie.

Giants pad , Fallow , trails , yellow water , batts wall , castle bog , home by trails .

I had a nice fall and assistance was refused until I handed over the camera …Karma!

Home soaked …thanks Robbie

Autumn Arrives , Slaughter Preparation Continues

No prize for guessing the musical clue .

Quote of the day from Robbie :”you can’t out train a bad diet” or words to that effect . In any case I understood what it meant as the svelte Mr Suffern breezed past me on the hills . His 77KG seemingly unhindered by gravity and with his new Ibis talent compensator he was unstoppable. My evil plan to slow him down was actioned when he came to NTSR towers afterwards for breakfast . I fed him two eggs and two full fat cappuccinos . He didnt even notice me feeding my breakfast to the dogs .

Great to see Kevin Murdock back with us today after a long break , he doesn’t usually do anything under 24 hours so a few hours with us must have been a breeze.

Ballynagelty got a sound trashing today with PS finding a great line to the top followed by Hugh , Brian and COC . I’ve never seen so many clear rounds there.

Mr Scullion was early ….I kid you not ,but subsequently had some difficulty staying on the bike with a bad encouter with a tree on Badger .

Sick notes not received from DOC , Kenny or Mr Power whose sacro iliac joint must be nearly diagnosed to death by now.

Route was most of 2 slaughter climbs .Wall , giants pad , fallow , tunnel , reverse bath , knockshee , post , post , fern gully , atlantic , back up sallys , ballynagelty , badgers , home . Lovely day and ground fairly dry …some nice pics .

Editor of What Mudguard Monthly Visits

Doc Lewis is nothing if not consistent …consistently just in a slightly different orbit than the rest of us . His hardtail today was adorned with a rear mudguard that would not have looked out of place on a Harley Davidson. It unfortunately added to the crime of his front mudguard rather than restoring any sort of natural balance. It has to be said however that it does not slow him down AT ALL .
New Paul was somewhat under par today , attempts to blame a floating seatpost were taken with a pinch of salt . Herself had taken 1ml too much red wine last night and that was her excuse . John (SCO) had no excuse other than a bad case of clergymans knee which is rare in a dentist ! These three departed early after a climb to fiddlers , view point , stone , glen, trails to Fallow . The rest of us , Kenny , Robbie , John (bangor) Doc L , COC and PS headed to tunnel and mast . Clean rounds for PS and COC , very nearly for John (bangor) but rules are rules John . Kenny claimed injury but none of us believed him . Tim got tangled up in his mudguard.
Mast to fern gulley and down to low ballyedmond gate , Back up to mast and home by various routes . A good Slaughter prep day alright .

THE BIG QUESTION IS ……WHERE IS MR POWER ??? Answers on a postcard to What Mudguard Monthly


As Kennys cycling career draws to a close (and he turns to night feeds and nappy changing as alternative extreme sports) he reminded us that we will miss his navigational expertise as he guided us from Mast to Bath without a wrong turn ,kindly pointing out all the lines to COC . Then picked up right trail to post which “we” usually COC-up.

The late Brian Scullion joined us briefly but his catalan capers caught up with him and he retired early along with New Paul who had no suitable excuse except something to do with a wheelbarrow and 7 tonne of stone. John(bangor) also showed up again getting slaughter ready perhaps? Robbie returned and should be on his second unit of blood as I write after extreme bramble escapades.

Mr Power after last weeks cycling dyslexia was too embarrassed to show up , but will return when self righting mechanism perfected.