ruin, smash, crush, waste, devastate, break down, wreck, shatter, gut, wipe out, dispatch, dismantle, demolish, trash (slang), total (slang), ravage, slay, eradicate, torpedo, extinguish, desolate, annihilate, put paid to, raze, blow to bits, extirpate, blow sky-high. The cyclist was completely destroyed.
Synonyms for “destroy” | Collins English Thesaurus – Collins Dictionary

So , imagine you are on your holidays from Australia and you fancy a nice mornings mountain biking and that nice McMahon fellow recommends you join NTSR for a spin , nice chaps and chapesses you know.
Only problem is the planned route was two laps of the slaughter and it was raining so no views and the ground was as slippy as ice.
Anyhow Troy turned up resplendent in Newry Wheelers attire on a borrowed bike. Off we go up the Burma , bit steep but not too bad you think , along the wall , no bother at all. THEN sallys yard climb and by the second gate Troy was I suspect hoping we were at the top, no such luck . Dragged all the way to the mast for a descent at last . Unfortunately the gully was as gully is and the sight of COC poised with camera should have been like a “warning Kangaroos crossing” sign . Over the top but thankfully no injuries . Back on for the briefest of moments , too much speed , not enough grip , stoppie rock and over again with a very heavy landing . Even COC felt a photo might have been in bad taste . Bloody knee , Burst front tyre , bent bars , but made of stern stuff and survived the descent to forest office where he wisely decided not to continue on or second loop .Probably won’t improve tourist industry in Rostrevor I fear !

The other news today is that Mr Power returned complete with new achilles tendon, half of Irelands GNP having been spent on his therapy. Judging by his form there were deep suspicions that he had been secretly training all the time . Up fiddlers , View point , stone , glen , fern gully which it has to be said was very ferny . home by wall leaving John (SCO) to an extra loop for turning up late. ROUTE HERE

Some notes on The Ninth Slieve Martin Slaughter…

9am Saturday 17th September meet at Forest Office Rostrevor .

*It is NOT a race , not even a sportive , nor a challenge . If you want any of these see Mr McCabe .
* At the risk of boring you let me just reiterate and apologise in advance for shouting IT IS NOT A RACE.
*It IS a group cycle, consider it a long day out on the bike. If you are fast go down to the back and encourage someone, dont spend half a hour waiting at the top getting cold and grumpy.
*There is no entrance fee and hence no support , insurance ,food , t-shirt or any responsibility taken, although we would (usually) consider it bad form to leave someone behind.
*It is a hard day out both for you and the bike . Make sure both are well prepared and have adequate spares/tubes/food etc.
*Because its four loops you can leave most food etc at the bottom as you will pass on each loop.
*Leave no Trace …at all, bar your tyre print .There are no markers or signs ..just keep up!
*Wear a helmet ( the only rule) , This is NOT because we care about you or for your safety in any way , its just we dont like the sight of blood ! Similarly ,If you feel you might need a first aid kit bring one along.
*Respect other mountain users , walkers /runners , because we might be a big group especially on the descents..remember point 1.
*When in pain ..SMILE .
*Grumpy cyclists need not apply .

Last years report Here


Venue Top of Finlieve Lane
Present: COC, The Brother , Eamon, Doc Lewis .
Apologies : Rory and PS who were slow up Finlieve,Liz who didn’t make it up Pigeon.

Minutes last meeting Proposed by Doc Lewis , Seconded by Eamon
Treasurers report …No Money
Hon Secs Report …None

Election Of Officers 2016

Rory Hon Sec for Sore backs and Complaints
Eamon Hon Sec for sore fronts
PS Hon Sec for transport ( in new car) ( ps prize for guessing new car type , the music is the clue)
Kenny Hon Navigator
Liz Hon Sec for excuses
COC situation vacant .

Date of Slaughter was discussed at length . COC decided it would be on 17th September . A vote was considered not necessary. The date will not be changed ….unless it suits me 🙂

Nice route today with the ascent of Pigeon proving much easier than we expected , great descent! Down into Attical with Kenny expertly navigating us past the tea shop before we knew it . Up Finlieve lane with Kenny and Eamon at the front chatting like it was flat while the rest of suffered .
Meeting held briefly while waiting for Rory and PS .


War Of Attrition

Or ..The day of the Big Excuse or 3 Good Men , Take your pick .

The challenge was thrown down with a route announcement and it obviously tickled a few fancys as the numbers were well up (initially) .

Rowan came out of hibernation and I immediately wished he hadnt ..fierce fit , Stephen and Shane came for a brutal initiation . Rory reappeared or whats left of him . PS made a return ( briefly) , Dan was here and John (SCO) , Karl , The brother , Herself and COC . Scullion appeared late following a mechanical which we all agreed was very unusual .
Route was Sallys Yard , Mast , drop to Fallow corner , ,Reverse Formal and down to road . here the excuses began .

Paul went home to see his imaginary friend , John (SCO) had to collect his Kilt from the drycleaners , Rowan had a text from Annemarie so was the only one with a real excuse . Dan  was missing a road spin and wanted a good workout chasing Rowan up the road …good luck with that .

The rest of the motley crew headed to Glenloughan lane and up over finlieve , it was I have to say beautiful and excruciating at the same time as witnessed by the fact that Rorys legs had dissapeared below the knee when we got to the top , even a hard boiled egg wouldnt help but a few jelly babies did the trick. Stephen and Shane were just LOVING the climbing , Tricking drop down to fallow but again Beautiful lush grass with occasional holes waiting to flip the unwary .

Out to fallow where the excuses started again . Brian was his own excuse , Stephen had left something in the oven , Shanes Di2 battery was running out , John’s batteries ran out ,Rorys legs had disappeared again , Liz needed a cup of tea . PATHETIC .

That left only 3 good men , The brother , COC and Karl to climb up tunnel , mast and home by the stone . Hats off to Karl and Kenny who got clear rounds from tunnel to mast ..I had to play the age card!

Great Spin


And then there were 5

With kenny off carb loading in Killarney and Tim cycling to Mozambique on the single speed to save the air fare it left only COC , herself , Scullion , Rory , John (SCO) and Ross our new addition . If he doesnt get some suspension on that bike soon he’ll need to see a well known dentist for new teeth .

Some real mountain today , wall , sallys where herself ran out of battery , knockshee , back towards fallow then rather than dropping to fallow corner we trail blazed our way back to mast and down to tunnell , hopped into the trails where we had a few fallers in the rock gardens, (I just dont get those rock gardens AT ALL) and home by giants pad and wall .

Sun shone all day…shadow of the thriller looms however .

Apologies for useless pics , had to use camera .