A Cracking Good Spin

The title is somewhat misleading as most folk were tired and looking an early exit , MR Power and Kenny were not there to keep order so the planned Formal loop turned into a mild mannered Knockshee /Bath / Fallow loop . Herself baled before we turned for knockshee. Brian who had emptied himself trying to catch us after yet another tardy start suffered badly but not as badly as me when my frame made a loud snapping noise and a 360 degree ventilation gap appeared in the top tube :-(((((

Im hoping Dave Turner is in good form !

John (SCO) brightened our day with the prize for most matching cyclist , resplendent in matching shoes , socks , helmet . buff and water bottle ….BUT those gloves ….

Hydrophobia with Not The Sunday Rossi

This mornings forecast was inclement although that did not stop our hardy Scotsman doing castle bog , Hootsmon to him . Kenny was out trying not to let Emma wreck her Da’s rally car, Tim had a feeble excuse , Mr Power had none that we know of .

I had an attack of hydrophobia and joined the Rossi at 2. The cycle stated with a lot of crying about the route ,in which choice I took no part . Francis was less than happy but
aceeded to Sallys yard , although he was nowhere to be found at the second gate .

Ronan was getting it tight and I was nearly sent home for the defib , methinks this off piste might be a one off for him .

Brendan , John (G) and John (MCG) made up the merry band as we enjoyed the sun on the climb to the mast , then down to Gully which was at its slippiest , Fallow corner , Up tunnel road and into the trails . Home by black runs . A road spin threatened tomorrow.


Wild Wanderings with the Wilsons

In which John Falls off , I fall off.. on John , Sandras Bike fails the Chameleon test , Kenny wants more and Liz wants less.

Through the Bush telegraph Kenny had arranged a rendezvous with the Wilsons and a few others at whatever the Sportsman is called now.
Michaels route as advertised looked byzantine to say the least however it would have been rude to complain.Not that that would usually stop me . There was a slight feeling that payback was being had for climbs inflicted on our home territory . It was indeed a climb fest . Up somebodies G-String , Down various canyons , so many names I couldn’t keep up either literally or figuratively.
Thankfully Sandra had been appointed as sweeper and did a fine job looking after us tardy ones .Meanwhile at the front Michael , Kenny and Cormac did their best to kill each other .
Back to base for soup etc , a great day out soon to be repeated i hope . Muchas Gracias to the Wilsons.

Old Skool

In which Doc Lewis cleans a post , Kenny goes arse over tit and we get back to our roots .

Just Scullion , Kenny , Doc Lewis , Mr Power , Herself and COC today . Castle bog was the goal but we livened it up a bit with some sliart at the start then up the long mile dropping back to the ulster way on the black trails .Up towards Batts wall where the Doc managed an impressive clear round from the post to the forest , we were all very impressed especially Kenny who is normally genetically unable to give a compliment!

Up to Castle Bog where Cormac set the pace (just to annoy kenny) , Tim however got to the top first but as he cheated with a shortcut on the corner there was some debate as to the legitimacy of his victory.

Slipped our way to the wall and turned right for Tievedockdaragh , the ascent all very rideable . Very misty at the top and I was concerned that we would have trouble on the descent but as it happened we got it just right ( except kenny who performed a triple somersault on the way) .

Down to the ford and up to our old haunting ground at Red Bog which is mucky but passable .
Quite a chilled day out and there is talk of Cooley next week so watch this space.


Slaughter The Ninth

In which Doc Lewis nearly gets a clear round ,Liz takes a short cut , Scullion gets a hair cut , Dan and Eamon bring the wrong bikes , The COC nearly quits , Cormac stayed healthy for the day ,No 6.1ers in sight bar the two double agents and not even a glimpse of a Rossi .

The child of Prague deployment was spot on ,I dont think we have ever had a better day . As cycling goes its up there with the thriller as the best day day on a bike. Hills to challenge , descents to conquer , craic , slander and nice cups of tea.

Only 20 takers which made for little stopping and with no punctures or mechanicals the pace soon took its toll on me for one . In fact I nearly withdrew after 3 rounds if Rowan and Kenny had not prevailed on me and I knew I would never hear the end of it. There were some good excuses today but Scullions was by far the best ..he needed a haircut for going out apparently!!

Doc Lewis entered the switchbacks with clear rounds on the 3 previous climbs the elusive 4th just escaped him however and he finished a broken man .

A great day , have to think of a twist for next year to mark the 10th !

Route here .